"Fitertainment is our own unique concept of fitness disguised as entertainment & fun!"

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"Award Winning Fitertainment Park"

NatWest Entrepreneurial Spark - 2017      Cardiff Life Magazine - Cardiff Life Awards - 2018



As AMDANI continues to grow and evolve the FITERTAINMENT concept, we thought you would like to know a little something about how and where it all started and get to know the CEO of Amdani...

Jessica McLean…the Founder, the Director, the Driver : in her own words

"My whole life has always revolved around adventure and fitness, trying different sports and growing up in a small town in North Wales spending my days exploring the mountains, forestry and quarry hillsides.  Being active has been in my blood since a little girl, a natural explorer I spent my formative years getting up to lots of adventurous activities on my grandparents farm….rope swinging in the hay barn for hours on end, climbing trees and racing along the quarry hillsides. Then as a teenager and adult I excelled at many sports to a county and national level i.e. hockey, triple jump, swimming and CrossFit. 

As an adult my absolute passion is fitness, however over the years I have realised that not all kids are born with that passion.  At 27 I fostered my niece, a child that wasn’t a natural exerciser, someone who didn’t want to be as active as maybe other children.  This was my INSPIRATION, my MOTIVATOR, my DRIVE….. I started of thinking of ways to make fitness not only fun but also inclusive and entertaining! I wanted to create a pathway to a lifetime of fitness for my niece and for anyone else who didn’t find an active lifestyle natural!

I needed to find a way of getting the kids off their Iphones and game consoles and provide a solution for the parents where families could spend quality time together and get fit and healthy at the same time! An exciting and adventurous place where everyone is having so much fun that they don't even realise they're exercising! A place where parents have to bribe the kids out of there (which happens more often than not!)

And so the Fitertainment concept was born!

I want to share my passion for fitness and being active, and pass on this passion as well as my knowledge and experience by inspiring kids and families all over Wales and the UK to get adventurous, get fit, and do it in a fun and entertaining way. THIS to me is what FITERTAINMENT means.....